A contrasting black and white frontal portrait of a young blonde girl who is provocative without being sexy
A young girl with her hair pulled back strikes a relaxed pose with her hands behind her head. She is wearing a beautiful earring with red make-up on her eyes. She shows a tattoo on her arm.
A close-up portrait of two girls' faces with natural make-up and pastel blue for one and yellow for the other on their eyelids. A poetic and natural image.
Freeze frame analogue image of a young Asian girl running in a white woolen outfit.
Commercial colour beauty image of a young woman with very short hair. Photograph framed on the pipette of the micellar water of the brand Sephora .
Photograph of a figure in silhouette in nature on the island of Teneriffe. Warm sunset .
masked figure in a wheat chap, dressed all in white, a blue smoke is emitted.
Large format chamber photograph of a portrait of a young woman from the front. Fresh and spontaneous glossy skin
image of a red smoke bomb in nature showing a white flower coming out of the thick smoke.
Chocolate Polaroid of a front view portrait of a young Asian woman taken with a camera
Image of a young Eurasian woman with hair stuck on her face on a midnight blue background.
Frontal portrait made with a large photographic camera.
close-up portrait of a young half-breed girl seen from the front with very pronounced freckles.
Large format chamber portrait of a young girl with glossy skin and a parting in the middle on a dark red background.
Image of a piece of high jewellery by Boucheron from an editorial issue of whatevrfanzine magazine
Black and white portrait of a young model with an emaciated face made with a 8/10 inch camera
portrait of Nowak Natalia  made with a large format camera of a young girl wearing a zebra shirt with long hair and a well-combed face.
Young asian girl in back shot holding professional beauty products in front of the camera. She is wearing a white hoodie and blue jeans. Behind her is a blue sky with a few clouds.
colored head of a young woman with her hair pulled back, her face resting on a white table and looking at the camera.
Image of a young, light-skinned redheaded woman standing half-reclined on a table covered with a blue sheet. Poetic, lustful and dreamy image.
Boucheron ring representing a hummingbird on a chrome handlebar suspended by a metal cable.
Black and white portrait of a young man dreaming with his left hand resting on his cheek and looking into the void. Poetic image made with an 8/10 inch camera.
portrait of Barbara Sanchez, famous model of the Blow models agency in Barcelona. Black and white portrait of the face with the head slightly tilted in the hand.
Black and white portrait of a model from the rockmen Paris agency made with a large format 8/10 inch camera
photograph of a set designer Cedric-Cyril Colonges made with a large format camera representing a young redheaded girl installed in a white space with a zenital glass
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