Shortly after graduation, visual artist Sebastien Jardini was identified by the fashion and beauty community as an important new voice in the field of image. Jardini's work is intensely charged with meaning and aestheticism.

The artist invites interpretation, deliberately cultivating notions of mixing and matching, and focuses on a certain visual provocation. 

His practice is intimately connected to the contemporary world and the fine arts, and her work reveals her ongoing fascination with humans and their appearance.His involvement in both personal work and commercial projects allows Jardini to examine these concerns and the themes of our time from different angles, bringing a richness and clarity of vision to his work.

 His instantly recognizable style makes him a leading figure in his field for his generation.

Still little known to the general public Jardini Sebastien often hides behind ambitious projects.

 In 2016 he became co-author of a magazine called WhatevrFanzine with which he was able to spread his images and those of other photographers or illustrators through MAGCULTURE SHOP from London through MONDADORI in Milan to Mulberry Street NYC . Recently, his magazine has also become a production company and very soon an art gallery.

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